Out West

A weekend out west.
Whatipu, Piha, and the Waitakere Ranges. The wild weather could have put us off, but I’m glad we persevered. Light befitting landscape.
The chat wasn’t half bad either.
Here’s a challenge: the next time you’re in Auckland, seek out a gravel road. 
You won’t regret it.


Oteake Conservation Park. 
Possibly as close to Dunedin as you can be, whilst feeling as though you are in the middle of nowhere. For a couple of days last month, it became our wilderness oasis. Not that we could claim that we were ‘roughing it’. Libby’s last minute trip to Kmart ensured our campsite appeared as anything but. Where else would you buy a plush blow-up log for $6. 
The colours and light of Central Otago will never get old. 

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