This is Tory.

She’s a good keen Central Otago girl; loves hockey, hunting, and almost anything that involves the outdoors.
She’s an athlete, a coach, and someone who has dived head-first into changing the local sporting community for the better.
She’s also a Zeenya Clothing Ambassador.

I’ll probably get punched in the arm for sharing this, but it seems to me the world could do with a sprinkling of positive female role models at the moment.

Cyclocross - In a Snow Globe.

I realise that many people struggle to understand what would posses a person to leave the house in nothing by a thin layer of synthetic fabric at the best of times. 
But what occurred on Sunday made even a relatively keen, wide tyred, dual suspension riding me (who has been known to don the odd piece of lycra clothing, but mostly under something that isn’t) question the mental health of those around me. 
Winter is not coming. 
Winter came. 
This was Cyclocross in a somewhat post-apocalyptic, concrete-filled, lycra-clad, snow globe.

Shout out to CycleWorld and Emerson’s Brewery for making it happen.


Mauao - ‘caught in the light of the day’.
Legend has it that the once nameless mountain - his love rejected by the beautiful mountain Pūwhenua - begged the patupaiarehe, or fairies of the forest, to drag him to the ocean to end his misery. But, the fairies fled with first rays of the sunrise, and there Mauao would stay; caught in the light of the day. 
Not a bad place to be stuck if you ask me; especially on a day like this.

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